New SPD/CS Textbook



Because the book was developed and written by Sterile Processing professionals, all of whom are Certified as Managers. They have a range of tenure in the profession from 15 to 35+ years. All are members of professional organizations such as CBSPD, IAHCSMM, AAMI, SGNA, AORN, etc. All of their information is based upon scientific data, factual information and the most current standards of practice. No other SPD textbook can make that claim.

The new 6th edition update includes 72 additional pages, over 20 new photos and all updated information on AAMI standards. Also included is new information on testing of TEE probes, emergency eyewash stations and how to test rigid containers.

The Chapters have been reorganized and some of the highlights of the book include:

Roles and Responsibilities - the history of SPD, the agencies that regulate it and the functions of the sterile processor and the sterile processing department.

Anatomy and Physiology - all of the body systems and how they work.

Microbiology - microorganisms, their anatomy, what they need to survive, the diseases that plague healthcare facilities, etc. Information on the Zika virus has been included.

Infection Control - the principles of infection control, how the concepts took hold, the best way to protect yourself, etc.

Decontamination - the basics of cleaning, selection and use of detergents, various types of mechanical cleaning equipment, manual cleaning, processing of specialty devices.

Chemical Disinfection - types of disinfectants (environmental and high level), their uses and best practices.

Patient Care Equipment - the various types of equipment, their uses and how to best process them.

Preparation and Packaging - types of packaging materials and systems, wrapping methods, care and handling of rigid container systems.

Surgical Instruments - basic instrument anatomy and uses, care, handling and testing of instruments, classifications of instruments, preparation of various devices.

Sterilization - the requirements for sterilization for steam, (pre-vac and gravity displacement), ethylene oxide gas, low temperature gas plasma, dry heat, ozone and peracetic acid sterilization. Use of chemical indicators, their classifications; use of biological testing and frequency. The new formulation of ozone sterilization has been included.

Sterile Storage - proper environmental conditions for sterile storage, transportation of sterile product. How to best protect stored items.

Inventory Control and Distribution - the various methods for supply distribution and inventory management concepts.

Medical Terminology section.

Definitions section.

Symbols used in healthcare section.

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