New GI Scope Textbook


Processing flexible endoscopes is a challenging process. While there are many sources for information, few are all encompassing. Due to the critical nature associated with properly reprocessing flexible endoscopes, Sterile Processing University, long known for the quality of its educational materials, has completely updated this textbook to comply with the recommendations from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), AORN, SGNA, CDC, the FDA and other organizations.

The book was written by Nancy Chobin, RN, CSPM, CFER, President of Sterile Processing University, LLC. The book represents over two years of research to develop the contents. The contents were reviewed and contributed by Lynne A. Thomas, BSN, RN, CGRN, Senior Vice President Regulation and Compliance, Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama, Mary Anne Drosnock, MS, CIC, CFER, RM (NRCM), Manager, Clinical Education for Gastroenterology, Healthmark Industries, Fraser, Michigan, Karen Swanson, LPN, CSPM, CFER, Manager, Central Sterile, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford, Connecticut and Sue McManus, RN, CEH, CSPM, CFER, (retired) Department of Surgery, Mission Health, Asheville, North Carolina.

The authors have a range of tenure in the profession from 15 to 35+ years. All are members of professional organizations such as IAHCSMM, AAMI, SGNA, AORN, etc. All of their information is based upon scientific data, factual information and the most current standards of practice.

This SECOND edition has nine Chapters covering all the basic competency areas for processing flexible GI endoscopes and bronchoscopes including:

  • Rules, Regulations, and Safety – the standards and regulations that guide practice.

  • Anatomy and Physiology – as it relates to the GI and respiratory systems.

  • Microbiology – microorganisms, what they need to survive, some of the diseases that plague healthcare facilities and GI/Endo patients.

  • Infection Prevention – the principles of infection prevention, how to protect yourself and your patients.

  • Medical Terminology and Medical Procedures Involving Flexible Endoscopes – Provides information on the various GI/Endo procedures and the scopes that would be used for same.

  • Workplace Design and Employee Safety in Endoscope Reprocessing – Recommendations for design of endoscope processing areas including space requirements, ventilation recommendations, for scope cleaning room, area where high level disinfection takes place.

  • Cleaning – This chapter discusses the importance of thorough and scrupulous cleaning, various cleaning agents, how to use the chemicals, cleaning implements, and environmental sanitation in the room.

  • High Level Disinfection – The principles of high level disinfection, common high level disinfectants used in GI/Endo, steps in the high level disinfection process.

  • Processing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Bronchoscopes – Step-by-step guide to processing flexible GI scopes and bronchoscopes. Includes information on pre-treatment in the exam room to storage of flexible scopes. Also included is information about a quality assurance process.
In addition, the book includes an updated sample Annual Competency Evaluation Form and sections with Medical Terminology and Symbols used in healthcare.

Be the first to get your copy today! There is a companion Second edition Workbook to help you in your study.

This book is designed for anyone processing flexible endoscopes, regardless of the setting.