****NOTE: This on-line training course is an educational program. It is NOT a certification program. Upon successful completion of any SPU course, you will receive a Certificate of COMPLETION, which is not certification. If you are interested in certification, contact the Certification Board for Sterile Processing at For continuing education (CEUs), please see our in-service page located here. Thank you.

This course is designed for employees working in any healthcare facility (hospital, surgery center, doctor's office, etc.) performing reprocessing of flexible GI endoscopes and/or bronchoscopes. It is recommended that after completion of this education, unless you are already working in a GI/Endo department processing GI scopes, we encourage you to obtain hands-on experience processing GI scopes and bronchoscopes. This should be arranged with a local facility where you can volunteer your time.

With all of the attention placed on correct reprocessing of flexible endoscopes, this education is essential for the safety of your patients and to prevent damage to your expensive endoscopes! This course will help you to understand the care, handling and testing of flexible endoscopes. It will also help educate you in the best practices and most current recommendations for the profession.

At the completion of this course, a certificate of completion will be provided if you pass the course with a grade of 70 or higher.

The modules for this course are based on the most current edition (Second Edition, published April, 2016) of The Basics of Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing textbook which was developed by Nancy Chobin, RN, CSPM, CFER. Review editors include Mary Ann Drosnock, MS, CIC, CFER, RM (NRCM) Manager, Clinical Education for Gastroenterology, Healthmark Industries and Lynne A. Thomas, BSN, RN, CGRN, CFER, Senior Vice President, Regulation and Compliance, Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.

Nancy Chobin is a Registered Nurse and is the President of Sterile Processing University, LLC. She has 37 years' experience in the sterile processing profession with the majority being in education and training.

You work hard for your money, so you need to make sure you are getting your money's worth! This course will provide you with up-to-date information to help you learn about the exciting world of reprocessing flexible endoscopes!

DISCLAIMER - This course does not cover operative scopes (e.g. choledocoscopes), rigid scopes (e.g. arthroscope) or semi-rigid scopes (e.g. flexible ureteroscopes).

The fee for this course is $25 per module ($325) plus the final exam ($25). Total cost is $350 which is far less than most courses. You do not pay for the entire course up front (but we give you the option if you want). You pay for each module as you go making this more affordable for you. There is no time limit for completion of the course. You learn at your own pace.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a new profession or are currently working in a surgery center/doctor's/dentist's office, this course is for you!

The modules are to be taken in a specific order as each module builds on the information learned from the previous one.

There are a total of 13 modules, then the final exam.

The modules available at this time are:

Module 1 - Rules, Regulations and Safety – Part I
Module 2 - Rules, Regulations and Safety – Part II
Module 3 - Anatomy & Physiology
Module 4 - Microbiology
Module 5 - Infection Prevention
Module 6 - Medical Terminology and Medical Procedures Involving Flexible Endoscopes
Module 7 - Workplace Design and Employee Safety in Endoscope Reprocessing
Module 8 - Cleaning
Module 9 - High-Level Disinfection
Module 10 - Processing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Bronchoscopes – Part I
Module 11 - Processing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Bronchoscopes – Part II
Module 12 - Processing Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes and Bronchoscopes – Part III
Module 13 - Example of General Annual Competency Form and Medical Terminology
Final Exam

**At the end of each module is a set of questions (unless stated otherwise). When you submit your completed quizzes on-line, you automatically will be advised of your score as well as which items you answered correct/incorrect. Please note, for the Final Exam, only your score will be given and the answer key will not be shown. The passing score for each module is 70. There is no re-testing for modules 1 thru 13. You must complete all of the modules and pass the final exam with a grade of 70 or higher to receive a Certificate of Completion for this course. If you do not pass the final exam, you can retake it as many times as you need at a cost of $25 per re-test.**

Thank you,
Sterile Processing University, LLC

[Module Fee$]

Each module and the final exam cost $25 each. No refunds, prices subject to change. These are printable modules in adobe acrobat (.pdf) format so that you can save them and refer to them at a later date if you need. ONLY credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) are accepted.

***If you would like to pay for all the modules and the final exam up front ($350), and download all of them now, please click Here (only applies to those who have NOT started the course yet).

Module Selection

NOTE: The modules must be completed in the order presented below because each one builds on the next.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL of these modules are copyrighted. No one is permitted to copy or use any of the module information for personal use at any time in any format (electronic, copy, etc).

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