Nancy Chobin

Welcome to the Sterile Processing University webpage! I wanted to share some personal information with you so you know the background of the materials at this website.

I have worked in the sterile processing profession for 34 years. In July, 2015, I “retired” from my full-time employment as Vice President, Sterile Processing, for the Barnabas Health System, New Jersey. During my 25 year tenure with Barnabas Health, I was responsible to provide educational seminars, training programs and consultation services to the healthcare system, (Operating Room and Sterile Processing Departments) dental and physician practices and Ambulatory Surgicenters in the areas of sterilization, infection control, decontamination, preparation and assembly, surgical instrumentation preparation, chemical disinfection, materials management, inventory management, design of Central Service departments, centralization of surgical instrument processing, Joint Commission (JC) compliance issues, OSHA compliance issues, compliance with state and federal regulations, surgical case carts, sterile processing competencies, supply distribution systems, staffing and productivity and development of policy and procedure manuals.

Since 1990 I have operated my own consulting and training company, Chobin & Associates.

In 2005, I started Sterile Processing University, LLC to provide on-line continuing education for certified sterile processing staff. Shortly thereafter, I organized a number of sterile processing managers to help write a textbook for sterile processing technicians to help them learn the standards and practices required for safely processing reusable medical and surgical devices and instruments. The Basics of Sterile Processing Textbook was published in 2006. A workbook soon followed to help candidates prepare to sit for the CBSPD International Certification Exam. Since that time, The Basics of Sterile Processing Textbook and Workbooks have been updated (currently the 5th edition is available). A management textbook, Management Basics for Sterile Processing and a GI/Endo textbook, The Basics of Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing (and Workbook) followed.

In the fall of 2015, Sterile Processing University started offering its Management Course, a popular 3 ½ day comprehensive Sterile Processing course. I developed this course over 20 years ago as a means for new or existing SPD Managers, Supervisors and even Technicians who want to advance into a management position, to get all the needed information in one course, to ensure patient safety in processing.

RELEVANT BACKGROUND: I am a registered Nurse (1966); with Sterile Processing experience since 1980, and Materials Management (10 years). I have developed over 15 surgical case cart systems and designed twelve Central Service Departments in the U.S. and Canada. Over the years I have consulted in over 200 hospitals, healthcare systems and surgery centers in the US.

Since 1988 I served as the Executive Director of the Certification Board for Sterile Processing & Distribution, Inc. (CBSPD), (formerly NICHSPDP). In October, 2014, I retired as the Executive Director of the CBSPD. I now serve as Co-Chair of the CBSPD Item Writing and Item Review Committee. This is a volunteer position that takes much of my time but I am committed to advancing the profession. I am certified on all levels, Technician, Management, Surgical Instrument Specialist, Ambulatory Surgery Sterile Processing Technician and Certified Flexible Endoscope Reprocessor.

I have traveled extensively to expand SPD education and certification; Malaysia (3 times), Thailand, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Colombia. Speaking is a favorite of mine and I have lectured in virtually every state in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. In addition, I have been published numerous times in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Since 1998 I have served as a member of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrument's (AAMI) Sterilization Standards Committee and since June 2005 a member of the Association of peri-Operative Registered Nurses' (AORN) Recommended Practices Committee.

During my career I have received the Educator of the Year Award from the ASHCSP, the Dr. John Perkins Memorial Award and the Leonard Leipus Award; all for outstanding contributions to the Sterile Processing Profession.

Thank you for using SPU’s materials. We welcome your comments and suggestions!

Nancy Chobin, RN, CSPM

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